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We Offer unique and insightful trading and marketing services that focuses on streaming the supply chain process to benefit the parties involved through experience and innovation

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Supply Chain Development, SSM and Artisanal Focus
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Offtake Agreements

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Project Development

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logistics services company in africa
Risk Management

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Supply Chain

Development, SSM &

Artisanal Focus

AfriMet will have two main sources of supply;

  • SSM (Small Scale Miners) or Artisanal production and
  • Offtake agreements from developed mines and companies.

AfriMet sources Tin and Tantalum under long term agreements.

Majority of the supply is from counterparties that AfriMet have long standing relationships with. The important strategy that AfriMet focuses on around the SSM and artisanal supply is not to find additional supply but work with the current portfolio of suppliers and help increase production through knowledge transfer, technical support and investment.

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AfriMet with its diverse portfolio of end receivers and smelters are able to offer the best solution with regards to an offtake agreement for your product. We are also able to work on an investment or debt structure in return for offtake of the material produced.

We have the financial means and respected in the industry for our dependability.

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AfriMet is a global company and has logistics partners worldwide. We tie up with transport companies that are covered and accepted by our insurance agencies. Our goal in logistics is to always ensure that the cargo reaches the final destination on time, every time.

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With AfriMet you maximize returns and minimize risk. With our international network, we understand and anticipate market movements and react in a timely manner to the changes in the market conditions. Our expertise in market intelligence and experience in innovative trading has enabled us to build relationships across the industry.

This has offered us access to a constant supply of a wide range of resources. This has also helped us in trading at a local level globally to accelerate transactions effortlessly.

Risk Management

As an ever-growing international business dealing with exotic new markets, consumers and clients, we have multiple business plans to foresee and numerous risks to manage. Our team of analysts are experts in their fields possessing business strategies and plans to handle any unpredictable situation.

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AfriMet have the technical expertise to support your hedging requirements

Tin Exploration Africa


At AfriMet, we have the industrial expertise and financial means to asses and forecast your revenues. The finance department possess extensive knowledge about the industries finance requirements and have the resources to offer solutions around funding.

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Project Development

We find, invest in and develop businesses earlier and before the international market as we have the network in the region to find opportunities sooner. We leverage off our first mover advantage and through our team of exploration geologists find assets that can be considered for further development.

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