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To maximize the outcome from the trading of 3T and Africa specific metals, AfriMet focuses on sustainable and long-term investment and development of the business.

Our core trading operations are reinforced by our partnership with producers, thereby allowing us to increase opportunities and enhance the relationship with stakeholders who are partners in our growth.

Comptoirs or the aggregators of materials tend to have very limited access to technology and processing knowledge to improve their business. AfriMet has studied the respective areas of the supply chain and has broken the development at the SSM and Artisanal level in two stages

  • Processing of material at the aggregation point

AfriMet follows a standard procedure for processing the minerals at the aggregation point.

  • Processing at the mine site by the artisanal miners

AfriMet retains the artisanal miners due to the nature of the deposits. Majority of the deposits are small vein type structures or are gravel in a small bed making this mining method better than the others. AfriMet is focused on supporting the miners with simple mining methods and processing systems that are cost effective. This helps them to increase their capacity and safety standards.

Investments and Asset Base              

AfriMet considers projects in three levels of engagement:

  • Large projects that are well documented with a resource base and reserve extension possibilities

  • Medium size projects with the reserve base that has a structured growth plan and is operating in relatively stable jurisdictions

  • Greenfield licence purchases

As AfriMet is exposed to many suppliers from artisanal production, regular scoping studies are done on areas where artisanal suppliers are active. This gives AfriMet the first mover advantage on assets that could add intrinsic value to the group through staged development.